10-11 March 2018

"I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself."
Usain Bolt
Sports Technology,
Applications & Data
Sports Education
Sports Games

  • Design and prototype a software solution for measuring sports movements (speed, height, distance, etc.) and visualizing them in a creative way. You can use a diversity of OSS tools, and technologies such as PureData (PD), Processing , etc. This can be a suggestion about an application project for iOS/technology to identify and analyze the movements of footballers/baseball players when they throw/kick the ball. 
  • Suggest a solution to use of open sports data. You can experiment with datasets on open data portals ( UK , etc.).
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Suggest a project for a web-based platform (such as djet or smartbuilder) and propose MOOC Sports Education Courses in Bulgarian.
  • Propose an innovative solution for sports education. This can be a concept to accelerate sports knowledge creation, sharing and transfer through emotions recognition technology, such as affectiva . You can develop a library of the ancients sports equipment.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Use the concepts of gamification to develop an app/technology for the most popular sports/curiosity/etc. It can include one or more objects.
  • Develop a fitness self-trainer game for iOS, which to be used for accelerate achievements of the sports players.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

You can use all programming languages, environments ( Openstack , etc.)  and approaches. If you are not a programmer, you can develop your idea for a mobile app using app builders such as appsbar , Appy Pie, etc.

Sports, Music & Health
Sports & Media
Sports Smart
Clothing & Accesories

  • ​Propose an idea for app/technology for healthy eating (Such as Happy Fork ), or mobile app for everyone who wants to calculate the vitamins and calories in its food during the day.
  • ​​Develop an equipment/device to be used to learn music through sports.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Using VR, AR, and Sports 4.0 concept and technology to present in creative way sports events.
  • Design and prototype a speaking robot to give recommendations/or commenting for robot players to follow the rules in case of mistakes. All types of sports are applicable - human and artificial. You can use all types of approaches and tools ( Arduino , etc.).
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Suggest a hardware project for a sports accessories such as wristband/ Sweatband to measure the real time speed of a runner.
  • Design, prototype and develop musical running sensors shoes using Gesture Based Music concept.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!


You can suggest a concept solution, a solution as a prototype of a finalised market product. There are no limitations for participation, everyone is welcome.

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003), there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games.



  • The teams can be up to 4 members
  • One team can present more than one project, and work on more than one Sports Hack category
  • Each team gets up to 5 minutes to present the project
  • English is preferable speaking language but not obligatory, you can present your project in Bulgarian as well
  • Use fresh code only

  • ​​ The intellectual property rights of hacks produced at the event belong to the teams, who created/designed them
  • Projects will not be accepted if they include obscene or discriminatory language
  • You have to bring to the event a prototype if you have created such

If you have any questions send an e-mail: 


Technology & Design
How/What technology has been integrated into the project idea?

Sports & Advancement
How can the solution be used for sports advancements?

Creativity & Usability
How original is this solution?

Business Potential
Can you be a “significant player” in the sports technoogy market?

Sports Synergy
How the idea/solution synergize the SMART 
digital technologies? 




sports tech



Who should go? 
  • Everyone.
Who should go to build a hack? 
  • Anyone who likes sports,  technology, and innovations.
Do I need to know a programming language? 
  • No.
Have the projects been a finalized market solution?
  • No. You can present a project on a conceptual level, as a prototype or a finalized solution. 
How many projects are there?  Do I have to collaborate? 
  • It’s up to you.
What is the working language? 
  • You can use either English or Bulgarian.
Where will the hackathon be held? 
  • National Sports Academy, see the map below. 1700 Studentski Kompleks, Sofia.
When can I register?
  • The registration opens on the 10th of February.
Who can participate?
  • Everyone can participate, there is NO fee, no age limitation.
How many members can the team?
  • The team can be up to 4 members.
How will the projects be presented?
  • The projects will be presented in front of the judges who will evaluate the idea/project based on the criteria? You can present a PowerPoint presentation or/and demonstrate the project.